Andrijana Petkovski is a distinguished professional ballet dancer at the Macedonian Opera & Ballet, renowned for her exceptional talent. As one of the most awarded choreographers in Macedonia, she has dedicated her life to the world of dance. Andrijana’s journey began in 2004 when she delved into the world of Hip-Hop, establishing herself as a remarkable figure in the field. Notably, she is the visionary founder of the Break A Leg Dance Studio, a testament to her commitment to nurturing new talent. Andrijana’s professional achievements as a dancer have been nothing short of remarkable, featuring numerous solo roles and captivating performances at the National Opera and Ballet. Her talents have transcended borders as she graced the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Helsinki and mesmerized audiences in various theaters across Italy. However, her accomplishments extend beyond her dancing prowess, as she has ventured into the realm of choreography. Since 2010, she has made her mark at the IDO Championships, consistently emerging as a finalist in multiple categories. Andrijana Petkovski’s name is synonymous with excellence, as she has achieved the prestigious titles of World and European Champions in Classical Ballet and Jazz dance. Her passion for dance and unwavering dedication have solidified her reputation as an icon in the world of performing arts.