Dear colleagues and friends of “SOFIA DANCE FEST” 2023, we inform you that the organizer keeps the right to change the program after receiving all the requests for participation of the dance groups!

A detailed program of “Sofia dance fest” 2023 will be received after processing all the requests for participation! Every team will be informed in a timely manner for easy traveling and participation in the competition!

Please these teams that will participate on March 7th, 2023. to register on March 28th in the Universiade sports hall. This is only valid for international participants and for participants on the second day!

General information


The tournaments are in a competitive character that will define the best dancers in each dancing category. It will also determine the exact ranking of each group with respect to other participants in the event.


All Bulgarian and foreign teams will be allowed to participate. However, the European Championships and World Cups quotas will be distributed only among the members of the Bulgarian Dance Sport Federation, based on ranking.

The event is open to all countries – members of the International Dance Organization / IDO /, national sports dance clubs, community centers, Palaces of children, private schools, studios, members of BSDF and BDO, and guests wishing to become members of BSDF and BDO during the tournament.

BSDF and BDO memberships are voluntary. Prospective members of BSDF and BDO are legal entities and natural persons, working in the dance sphere: clubs, choreographers, dance group directors, etc.
All who have accepted the Statute of BSDF and BDO.
All who have completed the application and declaration.
The BDO members should have paid the 2024 membership fees and filed for each competitor.
Members of BSDF – clubs, legal entities – must have paid annual club membership fees and filing fees for each dancer for 2024.


EUR 3000, distributed in dance styles, and age categories, under the terms of real competition!

Medals – for I, II, and III place
Medals for all children up to 7 years
Plaques for winners
Cups and awards from the organizers
Cups and awards from BSDF
Diplomas for all participants
Diplomas for I, II, III, IV, V, and VI place
Tangible prizes from sponsors
Organizer’s Award for Most original choreography, original creative development, stage makeup, and hairstyle, awards for the youngest and oldest participants, etc.


• 6 participants will receive a voucher which value will cover the participation fee for the International Competition for ballet, jazz dance, modern and contemporary dance, and show dance which will be held in 2024.

• 6 participants will receive a voucher which value will cover the participation fee for the dance festival “In the Dance Magic and the Sea”, which will be held in Pomoria in 2024 for the dance styles Latino show, hip hop, modern, and contemporary dance, ballet, show dance, and jazz dance. 

• 6 participants will receive a voucher which value will cover the participation fee for the dance festival “Borovec is dancing”, which will be held in Borovec 2024 for the dance styles Latino show, hip hop, modern and contemporary dance, ballet, show dance, and jazz dance. 

• 6 participants will receive a voucher which value will cover the participation fee for the dance festival “Sofia Dance Fest”, which will be held in Sofia in 2025. The dance style will be determined by the organizer based on style, age group, and competitive category.


Solo (1 participant – a boy or a girl)
Duet / couple (2 participants of the same sex or different)
A small group (3 to 7 people)
A Team (3 to 7 people)
Formation (8 to 24 people)
Performers: In the competing categories solo, duo / couple, the team can only participate with three dances in each age category. Additional performances over the regulated number are allowed under the following conditions:


There is no limit for participation in multiple dances, dance style or category. All team have the freedom to participate with as many dances as they want, it’s only necessary to make sure it is falling in to the proper age dance group.


14 x 14 m
An important requirement: One dance performance starts and ends in the outline of the competition area. Each time a competitor crosses the outline of the competition area during a performance, points will be deducted from the final score.


• The organizer reserves the right to document, broadcast, film and distribute all types of materials without paying rights and royalties.

• The team leaders are held responsible for accidents and injuries of performers on stage and beyond it during the event.

• Accommodation costs as well as traveling and daily costs of teams and people accompanying them are paid by the participants.

• The cost of prizes, technical, stage and medical provision are covered by the organizers.

• The team leaders are responsible for the behavior of members of their teams during the event.

• Participants are responsible for their costumes, props and personal items.

• The music for each dance performance must be on a separate CD (one CD must contain only one track!)

• Each participant may compete on behalf of only one team.

• One particular dance performance that competes in a particular dance style, cannot compete in other dance style competitions organized by BSDF.
This rule applies for the entire calendar 2020. In case of rule violation, the participant is not allowed to participate on request or he/she is directly disqualified during the competition.
• Special rules for costumes – change of costumes is not permitted during one’s performance during the competition. The placement of identifying club logos or slogans on costumes is not permitted.

• Change in music or choreography in the next round or the final round is not permitted.

The usage of somber and dark themes , costumes and music in the children’s age division is prohibited.
• A competitor may only participate in one solo , one duet , one small group , one formation ,one production, etc.

• The use of dark, sinister themes, costumes and music is prohibited in the children’s age group. 

• Supports in children’s age group are prohibited. 


The evaluation will be carried out by a five (5) member jury, composed of international judges of IDO and international judges of BSDF, who are qualified in the relevant dance style. Judge – the Jury panel cannot evaluate their own group; in such cases a stand-by judge will be used. The control over the jury panel is carried out by the Main Judge.


Judging is carried out in a 3D-system, which includes the first three criteria listed below and the 4D-system includes the four criteria listed below:

  1. Execution Technique (11 components ): It is estimated in accordance with the accuracy of the technique while matching the style chosen by the choreographer ; the level of complexity (technical skills), originality of interpretation , execution of the selected dance technique, synchrony and rhythm.
  2. Composition ( choreography ) (12 components ): It is estimated in accordance with the choice of dance elements and their composition, shape, variations , the use of space on the dance site ( pattern of the dance ) , originality while using different linking and other dance figures.
  3. Image (12 components): Presentation , stage and acting presence of the performers, contact with the audience , evaluation of costumes, props and stage makeup in accordance with the concept and style of the choreography. By all criteria the judging panel can give 1 to 10 points , which means that the maximum score for a performance is 30 points, and the minimum is 3 points.
  4. Show presentation / idea ( 5 components): The Stage show presentation by the performers on the dance floor and its impact on the audience by presenting and recreating the scene and metaphoric imagery, drama , props / set design , acrobatics . The exact overall expression of the idea in the choreography presented through the means of exposure, development, climax and final.

By all criteria the judging panel can give 1 to 10 points , which means that the maximum score for a performance is 40 points, the minimum is 4 points.


 The detailed schedule of “Sofia dance fest” 2024 will be sent to the participants after the deadline for receiving the applications for participation and processing !!!

BSTF reserves the right to make adjustments and corrections to the schedule at any time for which the participants in the international dance competition will be informed promptly !!!

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