Associate Professor Georgi Sergiev, Ph.D., has been working at the National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” since 1991. He is a lecturer in artistic gymnastics and sports aerobics. Since 2020, he has been the head of the “Gymnastics” department at NSA.

Prof. Georgi Sergiev graduated from the National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” in 1989 with specializations in physical education teacher and gymnastics coach. In 2001, he defended his dissertation and obtained the educational and scientific degree of “Doctor.” He is the author of numerous publications presented in national and international scientific journals and conferences.

He has actively contributed to the development of educational materials and guides. Prof. Georgi Sergiev has published a monograph on the issues of technique and methodology of teaching exercises in sports aerobics.

As a lecturer, he participated in two international seminars on sports aerobics in Sofia in 1998 and Athens in 1999. He was also a lecturer at the VI Intercontinental Course for Sports Aerobics Coaches in Sofia in 2003, organized by the International Gymnastics Federation.

Formerly a competitor in artistic gymnastics and sports aerobics, Prof. Sergiev participated in two World Championships in sports aerobics in Tokyo and Paris in 1995. He served as a coach in artistic gymnastics at the A-GYM club at NSA and as a sports aerobics coach in the national team. From 2004 to 2009, he was a consultant to the national team of South Africa in sports aerobics.

Since 1988, he has been a judge of the republican category in artistic gymnastics. In the period 2000-2012, he held the position of an international category judge in three Olympic cycles.

In 1989-1990, Prof. Georgi Sergiev worked as a circus artist, performing as an acrobat on the Russian swing in the circus “Circo di Roma” in Italy, Sicily. As a stunt performer, he participated in productions such as “Julius Caesar,” “Spartacus,” “The Last Legion,” and others.